Gathering Delco Community Church

Building Spaces of Belonging and Meaning


Gathering Delco Community Church is a new Vineyard church in Southeast Delco. At Gathering Delco we know that the church is not a building, but rather the gathered people of God responding together to the love and compassion of Jesus. Our heart cry is to create safe and inviting spaces for people in Delco to be in the presence of Jesus, find belonging and rally together to bring hope to our neighborhoods. And we rely on the deep resources of faith to lead us.

be with jesus

We create simple gatherings which help us encounter Jesus and experience his presence. Through music, prayer, scripture, and conversation we encourage one another to “Come as you are and leave stronger.”

belong in community

We know that building places of belonging makes our lives richer. Relying on our faith, we pursue the kind of community which resists the temptations of isolation and division. We are committed to learning and growing in skills that make us trustworthy friends and neighbors.

bless others

We seek to be the kind of church that our neighbors would welcome. We regularly partner with those leading the way in caring for the things that are important to God such as care for the environment, lifting up the marginalized, and being responsive to those impacted by injustice.